• Avatar Sharon Meier ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Took first golf lesson with the golf pro, Albert. They a offer a comprehensive swing analysis utilizing the latest electronic equipment including stop action video. Albert is very professional. He spent … More the full hour of the lesson providing an in depth analysis, informing of changes to improve, and instructing in specifics of changes needed. He is careful to not overwhelm the client with 10 items you need to work on. He provided exercises and drills to work on. Absolutely no pressure to "sell" more instruction or change to new equipment. Those both could be necessary but he allows the client to make the decision to continue or not.
  • Avatar Alan Kalver ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Knowledgeable and fair. Growing bigger every day for a reason.
  • Avatar Tom Trauthwein ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    First time buying properly fitted clubs always bought off the floor take a few swings and pay. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable there to help you and your game. Definitely recommend them to anyone … More who wants to improve their game.

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“I have played with the same buddy for 20 years and I beat him for the very first time after being fit with Eric at Touchet Golf. He came in to see Eric a week later!”

Joe L.

“I can honestly say that my club fitting was an amazing and eye-opening experience. I have told every golf buddy of mine about my fitting and how impressed I am with you and your staff. Now I can hit my driver 20 yards longer than I could before and it feels amazing! You have my business for life.”

Joe K.

“Call me a very satisfied customer! Eric did a fantastic job. Thanks guys, I saw an immediate improvement!”

Dave R.

“I would like to thank Eric at Touchet Golf for the driver fitting session. Eric’s software is cutting edge. I saw immediate improvement in distance and accuracy. Would recommend all level of golfers to stop by and see Eric. Thanks again Eric and the staff at Touchet Golf.”

Derek M.

“I highly recommend the club fitting services available at Touchet Golf. Eric is knowledgeable, meticulous, and patient. My play with my driver is the best it has ever been in 50 years of golf. In spite of the fact that I live in Indianapolis and this about 90 miles from Ft. Wayne, I intend to continue to use Eric for club fitting and consultation.”

Terry C.

“Best decision I have ever made. First time I bought fitted golf clubs and the difference is incredible. More distance and the ball contact with my Driver and Irons is incredible. Highly recommend and will not be going to anyone else for my fitting needs, thank you!”

Craig K.